KLYDE – From Mars (Official Video)


KLYDE – From Mars (Official Video)


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KLYDE – From Mars
Composed by Donici Cornel (Dony), Dumitrescu Cristian (Chris D)
Lyrics by Donici Cornel (Dony), Dumitrescu Cristian (Chris D), KLYDE
Published by Roton Music Publishing
(C) & (P) 2018 ROTON MUSIC

Additional voice by Aniri


Let’s escape from this reality
When I’m here with you I feel so free
Got a one way ticket to the stars
Together all the heavens will be ours

Under the moonlight
No one ever has to know
No one ever has to know
Let’s go…

Let’s fly to the Moon
And see all the stars
Cause’ you are from Venus
And I am from Mars
I’ll be with you
In our fantasy
2 notes that we hear
In the sound of harmony
So take me with you…

Love will take us through the galaxy
It’s all inside of you, inside of me
Pieces all connected made of stars
In this Universe as avatars

Under the moonlight
No one ever has to know
No one ever has to know
Let’s go…

From stars, blaze
We are born and raised
We chase ways
And on my way I have found you…
Stars, blaze
We’re making memories
Together you and me

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KLYDE – From Mars (Official Video)

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