KARIN – Night Now (Bakun Edit) (Official Video)


KARIN – Night Now (Bakun Edit) (Official Video)


Artist – KARIN
Remix Produced by: Andriy Bakun
Authors/composers: Fabrizio Sotti, Aleena Gibson Scott Stephen Banks ,Joey Albanesi , Karin Soiref
Directed by: Stanislav Morozov
Video Reedit by: Dragos Damsa

Karin was born in Israel. For two years she has been involved in various competitions in Chicago and New York. She expanded her experience in various genres, composing songs and performing in various musicals, and also worked in studios with many popular musicians. Karin is currently working on his first EP alongside well-known composer Walter Afanasieff. Her first single, Night Now, is a collaboration with composer Aleena Gibson, producer and musician Fabrizio Sotti and producer Luca Pretolesi.

KARIN – Night Now (Bakun Edit) (Official Video)

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